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   A TRADITION of Community Banking since 1903
Anytime Line:     
Call for lost debit cards    
1-888-851-8537 (TTY Customers)  
 Main Branch:      
 (606) 638-9473 phone      
 (606) 638-1262 fax      
 Bookkeeping Department      
 (606) 638-1239      
 Mailing Address:      
 Peoples Security Bank      
 P.O. Box 60      
 Louisa, KY  41230      
 Blaine Branch      
 P.O. Box 115      
 Blaine, KY  41124      
 (606) 652-3124 phone      
 (606) 652-4992 fax      

    Time and Temperature 638-4353

NOTICE: Peoples Security Bank will never request customers to update their account information via e-mail. If you receive a request of this nature, please contact the bank immediately. Also note, any e-mail message sent via this website is sent via normal e-mail and is not encrypted. Please do not include any sensitive information such as account numbers, usernames, or passwords in the e-mail.