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    A TRADITION of Community Banking since 1903
  Officers, Directors, History

John L. Burton, Jr. President & CEO
J.E. Burton Executive Vice President & Cashier
Guinola Burton Vice President 
Trish Sparks Vice President of Operations
Marti Moore Assistant Vice President of Operations
Jon Rose Senior Loan Officer & Asst. Cashier
Rita Parker Loan Officer & Asst. Cashier
Juanita Workman Bookkeeping Supervisor
Judy Carter Bank Secrecy Officer
Cindy Bowen Head Teller & Asst. Cashier 


Guinola Burton  
Harry G. Burton, III, M.D.  
John L. Burton, Jr.  
Joyce Burton  
J.E. Burton  
       In mid-winter of 1903, an egg shaped Corliss safe was bought in Cincinnati and shipped by the C & O and Eastern Kentucky railroads to Webbville, KY. Once at Webbville, The Blue Goose (train) was met by Harris Moore and the safe was unloaded off the freight car. From there the safe was pulled twelve miles over several days to its temporary location, The Gambill Store in Blaine, KY. “The Bank of Blaine”, as it was originally called, had $15,000.00 for it’s beginning assets.  Never faltering, the bank prevailed through various struggles of the 30’s and 40’s, including the Great Depression, World War II, and other economic trials that affected so many other parts of our country, but they never closed their doors, nor did they recognize the “bank holidays” of those times. People of the region and the area’s resources, of coal, farming, gas, oil, and timber, are accredited to the banks 100 years of service and success.
      By the early 70’s, a new building was being planned in Louisa and designated to be the center of the banks operation, with the Bank of Blaine becoming the branch office.
This transformation brought about a new name, Peoples Security Bank
       The bank continues to pride itself in being "The Bank of Friendly Service", and continues to hold true to its motto “If you are a customer, we thank you for your patronage, if not, we earnestly solicit it.”

 Time and Temperature 638-4353

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